In a double gauze of an incomparable softness, 3 delicate shades were declined to dress up two iconic products of the collection: the LEVO rocker.

  • FARROW : This unisex colour in organic fabric will stand out with its subtle grey-green colour.
  • CAMEL : A soft shade that will warm up the house with its bright and warm touch.
  • NUDE : Classic and all purpose,this natural fabric will invite softness, like a caress on baby’s skin.

It’s up to you to choose the color that best suits your home and will make your interior colorful, bright or caulked according to your tastes and desires.

Connaissez-vous TAMI ?

Soft, fluffy and 100% made in France (from Charente to be precise), our TAMI playmat is now available in 9 colours (including 3 new ones): Farrow, Lichen, Orage, Camel, Navy, Milk, Peacock, Rose Marsala, Nude. 

The hardest part will be to choose… If you hesitate too much, here is a little advice: take one for each room
Your TAMI mat will easily slip behind the living room sofa or under the bed when your baby is done playing…