Gift ideas for tired parents

We’ll make it short, but the most sought-after gift for young parents is sleep. So if someone asks you what to give, offer a few hours of babysitting, time for a nap. Better yet, consider a full night’s sleep!

Finally, if they can’t sleep for 8 hours, young parents will be cosy in pretty Bonsoirs sheets and, bonus: Les Petits Bonsoirs are also the secret of toddlers’ nights!

Tajine Banane

Gift ideas for a postpartum mother

A Tajine Banane outfit

The super brand of breastfeeding clothes, founded by Alison Cavaille, is causing a lot of… milk to flow. Since its launch, it has revolutionised the world of breastfeeding by committing itself to the idea that everyone can breastfeed where they want, when they want. Wearing a Tajine Banane t-shirt is like being part of a super cool gang.

Period panties

Yes, it’s glamorous! Because these panties could change her life. No more leaks, no more shopping for pads. Pantys has come up with period panties that can also be used during the post-partum period, after the birth.

A magical breast pump

Today, we know that the postpartum period is a crucial time for young mothers. Fortunately, technology has come along to make life easier. Elvie is a young company that seeks to respond to two major problems of new mothers: breastfeeding and perineum rehabilitation. The brand has created two jewel products, which you will give us news about…

Gift ideas for adventurous parents

A weekend in the countryside

When you’re a parent, you need a change of scenery to find yourself. Our advice? Treat yourself to a stay in a cabin in the middle of nature. The proximity to the forest allows you to disconnect and rediscover the essentials. To be done as a couple, with friends or with the family.

A baby carrier

Whether traveling or getting their hands back, parents will appreciate the Studio Romeo baby carriers. Baby stays close to the heart, within kissing distance and can go wherever his parents go.

An all-terrain stroller

In terms of mobility, the stroller is often considered the Rolls-Royce of the little ones. We have spotted the Thules, models, created by travel and sport lovers.


Gift ideas for a mother-to-be

Spirits… without alcohol!

This year, everyone will have a toast during the Christmas holidays, including pregnant women, thanks to JNPR. This young brand concocts cocktails without alcohol and without sugar. To consume without moderation…

A bola to share with her baby

During her pregnancy, the mother-to-be can wear a bola. This ball-shaped necklace emits a tinkling sound that rocks the baby throughout the pregnancy. After the delivery, the bola is still used. Its delicate music will reassure the baby when he hears it.

To discover: the bolas of Ilado Paris

Gift ideas for gourmet families

A treat for the taste buds

When you’re a young parent, you need energy and that means a healthy and balanced diet. To help you, we have found the books of La Guinguette d’Angèle and its recipes to die for.

Supers snacks

No time to cook yourself? We say yes to snacks, as long as they are tasty and nutritious. This is precisely the mission of Jolly Mama and its snacks that help mothers to lighten their load (breastfeeding, menstruation, post-partum…).

A plate for a king, or a queen!

Finally, because the container is as important as the content of the plate, we have found the special kids’ tableware from Mushie. The ideal way to start diversification, comfortably installed on our TOBO evolutive high chair!

Gift ideas for a baby…who will grow up!

A healthy baby bottle

Elhée feeding bottles have several special features. They are round and made of medical silicone, they are anti-colic, free of harmful substances and fit perfectly in the mouth of the baby. And what’s more, they are beautiful. What more could you ask for?

The most beautiful toys

You thought you’d escape from toys? You have to bring some Christmas magic under the tree for the little ones. We’ve spotted the iconic Main Sauvage soft toys, the Lily and River toys known to boost children’s motor skills and of course, our latest addition, the MILO playset

The good news is that all these brands we love will be featured in our advent calendar, join us on Instagram and try your luck!

The Charlie Crane Team 🎅