Laura Gonçalves, aka Pinketcetera

Charlie Crane: what does Christmas mean to you?

Laura: This is my favorite time of the year, a time to share with my loved ones. I am lucky to still have my grandmother. We will be 4 generations around the tree, it’s great! My son Célestin will spend his first Christmas with his great-grandmother. 

Charlie Crane: do you have any special traditions?

Laura: We are part of the gift team on the morning of the 25th. When we were little, with my brother, on the evening of the 24th before going to bed, we would put a clementine and a bowl of hot chocolate by the tree to give Santa some strength. I remember so much the arrival in the living room in the early morning. The clementine was eaten and the bowl was empty, and then the gifts under the tree… It was magical! I’m thinking of continuing this tradition with Celestin.

Charlie Crane: what would be the best Christmas for you?

Laura: my Christmases with my grandparents were perfect, I am so happy to have these memories. Now that I’m a mom, I can’t wait to see Celestin’s eyes shine with joy when he discovers his gifts under the tree! 

Charlie Crane: do you have any gift ideas for Celestin?

Laura: As he is still very small, 7 months, it is complicated. I’m looking for mobility games like the MILO playset and wooden toys for his age.

Charlie Crane: What are your fond memories of Christmas?

Laura: I have memories of emotions, especially the joy of being surrounded by my family, around a good meal, the house decorated. Last year, when I was pregnant with Celestin, my family gave me little gifts for him and it made me realize that one year later, we will celebrate him with a little baby… that I will be a mom at Christmas and no longer a child, even at the age of 36!

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A Christmas in Korea


Youngseon Minseon is a web designer. With her husband, a video game animator, they welcomed their first baby. She tells us their version of December 25.

Youngseon Minseon: Before I got married, we used to have a simple family dinner. Now, we have a simple party at home with friends. It’s a chance to think about the meaning of family! We don’t have any particular tradition, except for a nice warm meal with friends!  

Charlie Crane: What would be the best Christmas for you?

Youngseon Minseon: My wish for this time of year is to have a healthy family and to be able to get together. Last year, we had friends over and watched a Christmas movie together, which I remember fondly!  

Charlie Crane: do you have any gift ideas for your baby? 

Youngseon Minseon: I put up a Christmas tree for the first time for my baby! We didn’t make any gift lists since he is only 2 months old. Anyway, I planned a photo shoot at the foot of the tree.

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Happy Holidays to all!

The Charlie Crane Team 🎄