Childcare furniture to adopt from birth

The LEVO baby rocker 

From what age can the baby rocker be used? From birth to about 7 months with its harness…and more!

Advantages: It is the first chair for baby. In fact, it is recommended not to put your baby in a sitting position until he/she does it on his/her own. Conclusion, the bouncer, with its reclining position, is adapted to their physiology! Our LEVO baby rocker is convenient for keeping an eye on your little one when you’re busy, feeding them or even rocking your crying newborn. The LEVO can also be used up to the age of 4-5 years in the small chair mode.

The KUKO moses basket

From what age can the bassinet be used? From birth to about 4 months.

Advantages: This small and cozy bed can be carried everywhere. Your baby can take naps or even sleep wherever you want. The KUKO moses basket has two handles and an elegant wooden stand as an option. 

The KUMI crib

From what age can the cradle be used? From birth to about 6 months.

Advantages : This KUMI crib offers the first months in a cocoon and secure space. Its rocker gently cradles your baby. Its transparent veil also allows you to observe your child. 

The KIMI baby bed

From what age can we use this baby bed? From birth to about 4-5 years.

Advantages: finally a baby bed without bars! With our cocoon mesh system, your child remains safe and continues to see the world around him, sheltered in his cocoon. This evolving baby bed will follow your child from birth to 5 years old. Finally, you can choose the color of the cord of your baby bed KIMI

The NOGA changing table

From what age can the changing table be used? From birth to 3 years.

Advantages: our NOGA changing table is wall-mounted, which means that it fits in small and large rooms such as a bathroom, a bedroom, a small apartment, a large house. Its compartments will contain everything you need to change your baby: diapers, liniment, care products… You have everything at hand, without taking your eyes off your child.

The NAHO activity arch

From what age can a play arch be used? From 2 to 10 months or more!

Advantages: As its name indicates, the arch contributes to the awakening of babies. To be placed on the TAMI mat for a play session and transportable anywhere in the house, our NAHO activity arch is all wood and roundness for a refined elegance. 

The TAMI playmat

At what age can a playmat be used? From birth to the first steps.

Advantages: Feel like baby wants to explore or play? You need a break? Hop, put your little one on his TAMI playmat, well protected from the cold. Made in France in our partner factory, your baby will appreciate its soft thickness. 

The TOBO evolving high-chair

From what age can you use this high chair? From 6 months…and for life!

Advantages: Our TOBO high chair is designed to follow you for life! When to put baby in your high chair? As soon as your baby can sit up on his own, usually around 6 months. This high chair can be used for a long time since it is evolutionary thanks to its adult version. 

The TIBU high chair

From what age can you use this high chair? From 6 months to a very long time!

Advantages: As the first Charlie Crane high chair, our TIBU is also upgradeable. Because we love its design and want to keep it as long as possible… 

Charlie furniture for kids

The YOMI junior bed

From what age can the YOMI Junior bed be used? From 2 to 6 years old.

Advantages: the dimensions of this bed, 140 x 70 cm, have been thought to adapt to children. It is the ideal transitional bed before moving on to a full-size bed! When your child grows up, the YOMI junior bed becomes an elegant bench. 

The SABA chair

From what age can the SABA child chair be used? From 18 months to 6 years.

Advantages: its felt makes it very soft. The SABA childrens chair can be installed anywhere and its clean design allows it to fit in every interior. 

As you can see, for every age there is a piece of Charlie Crane furniture!