A Valentine’s Day gift: a love letter for your other half

When a baby is born, it is showered with gifts. What if the parents also prepared a surprise for each other? We often think of the famous jewel offered by the spouse to the mother. Nine months of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are worth a thousand times more than a ring… But there is another precious gift to give each other as a couple: a love letter.

The birth of a child is a moment rich in emotion and fatigue. It is possible to be on edge from the moment of the birth. The first months and the postpartum period can also be difficult. When we are trying to find a new balance and all our love is focused on a baby, it is easy to forget how we feel about each other as a couple.

It is precisely during these first months that parents need to be united to better overcome difficulties. Our advice to remember your complicity? Write a love letter to your other half and give it to her before the birth.


Some ideas for your love letter

You don’t need to have Victor Hugo’s pen or master the Bescherelle at your fingertips. A pen is enough or even a note written on your phone. The idea of this letter is to write something personal with your own words, your own language.

Take paper or transcribe your notes, having a real piece of paper is important. This letter shows that you have spent time with each other.

Embark your lover in a beautiful story, yours. Remember your first meeting, your first impressions. Your first date, your first “I love you” and your wish to build a family together, the moment when you told each other that the other would make a great parent. You could talk about the projects you discussed together, the important moments such as the discovery of the pregnancy, the choice of the name…

List the physical and moral qualities of your partner, don’t be stingy with compliments! Objective: release of oxytocin and happy tears in the home.

Finally, explain what you would like to say to your partner in case of a hard time. That you will be there for him or her, that together you will find solutions… or not! And that it doesn’t matter, because at the very least, you’ll build memories together, get some laughs and a few wrinkles along the way.

SOS Love Letter

If you’re ever in a bind, get out your letter (and some tissues) to remember it. In fact, this letter should also be written by the person who wrote it. When you’re not thinking clearly, sometimes it’s good to remember why you love the other person…

Remembering your attachment to your loved one is useful at any time, especially at the most critical time, so don’t wait to rekindle your flame or confirm it. This letter will be like a gentle, soothing caress.

In short, write this love letter anywhere, anytime, but write it!

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The Charlie Crane (Lovers) Team