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Cocooning time: Charlie’s soft collection 🤍

This season, the trend is for soft and fluffy materials in which we want to wrap ourselves… We dress ourselves – and our interiors – in sheepskin and cotton bouclette. Add a hint of wood to your decor and you’ll get comforting materials that give pride of place to natural color.

Fake fur, real warmth

On the program: a limited Fur series with the KUKO basket and the SABA chair, our iconic LEVO baby rocker dressed for winter, and finally an exclusive collaboration with Binibamba to enjoy the fur all year long! 

The super cozy KUKO moses basket

For newborn babies, we want a super soft cocoon or nothing! Our KUKO basket is dressed in its finest faux fur to shelter your little ones. They will spend their first months well protected in this highly desirable object…


The SABA chair Fur

Good news, the older kids also have the right to their own SABA chair in a fleece version. Our little queen is covered with a 100% wool fabric that covers the raw beech. Promised, your child will finally sit still. Okay, we can’t really promise that, but we can guarantee a sleek style in your baby’s room or your living room!

Charlie Crane X Binibamba 

Binibamba is the British reference for merino skin accessories for babies. Our team fell in love with the brand and its values. Our mission? To make your home a cocoon and bring even more softness to your babies through our collaboration.

Thee LEVO is adorned with an ultra-soft skin for hours of cuddling, waking, resting and cocooning activities. Simply add this skin to the LEVO to obtain a small and cozy seat. The association of this natural skin with our wooden bouncer will spice up your decor in the blink of an eye.   


Benefits of sheepskin for babies

Suitable for newborns and older, this 100% natural sheepskin is baby safe, REACH compliant and handmade in England – with love, please. The material, from Australian-raised sheep, is 100% biodegradable and sustainable, guaranteed not to be chemically treated or dyed to harm our little ones’ skin. 

Sheepskin for all seasons

Far from being reserved for cold days, sheepskin has many advantages in winter as well as in summer. It has an almost magical thermostatic power. Up to 18 months, children cannot regulate their own temperature. Sheepskin comes as a reinforcement to help them stay at the ideal temperature… in any season.


Hypoallergenic and soft

Another advantage, the sheepskin has hypoallergenic virtues. It reduces the risks of allergy and in particular asthma in the smallest. Finally, its softness makes the expression “sleeping like a baby” real. Babies are cozily installed in an ultra soft and comforting cocoon, they find sleep more easily and relax.


Low maintenance

Rest assured, sheepskin requires little maintenance. Antibacterial, it cleans itself thanks to the lanolin naturally present in its fibers.

Beautiful, soft, insulating and self-cleaning… Merino sheepskin for babies has everything to please, no reason not to crack!


The iconic LEVO rocker in its softest version

How can we talk about fur collection without presenting our iconic LEVO rocker in its softest version. A fake fur that dresses this essential of the first months for baby, and that can grow with him thanks to its removable harness, to become a rocking chair as cozy as you want!


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