Bye bye baby crib

An important step in a child’s life, the change of bed is another step towards autonomy. Your child will be able to get out of bed on his own, day and night!

This change doesn’t happen just any old time! Even though there are no rules, there are signs that you can’t go wrong:

  • Your child is climbing the bars of his bed.
  • He’s getting cramped, especially with his stuffed animals.
  • He doesn’t want to sleep in his sleeping bag anymore.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements? If Junior is between 2 and 3 years old, then it’s a good time to change. Parents, prepare your tissues and… the ground to change his little room.

Which bed to choose for your child?

Before changing your child’s entire bedroom, its decoration and bedding, consider several things: the size of the space and your child’s state of mind. While some kids are excited about growing up, others are apprehensive about leaving their cozy cocoon.

If you want a smooth change, or your child’s room is small and unable to accommodate a 90×190 cm single bed, we recommend a transitional bed. 

The YOMI Junior Bed, has a pure form that reminds the Daybed. It supports a mattress of 70 × 140 cm. These dimensions accommodate children from 2 to 6 years old in complete safety.

Our other secret for a successful transition? A bumper, to slide under the fitted sheet. This alternative to traditional bed rails is reassuring. Made of soft foam, it helps children understand the limits of their new big bed. This barrier creates a protective cocoon. In addition, our Bumper can also be used with the open version of the KIMI evolving bed.

Your opinion on the YOMI bed

Let real parents give you their opinion on our YOMI bed!

Luc, father of Juliette, 3 years old

“The YOMI has been with us for 1 year. The transition was done smoothly. What a joy for Juliette to be able to come and see us in the morning on her own like a big girl, without anyone taking her out of bed.”

Sophie, mom of Adam, 5 years old

“I had a hard time fitting an adult bed in my little boy’s room. The size of the YOMI was a great alternative. Plus I love the design. When Adam outgrows it, we’ll divert the YOMI into a small bench in our living room.”

Marie, mom of 4-year-old Tristan

“My son doesn’t leave his YOMI, let alone his Bumper, which makes him feel so much better. Even on vacation, he wants to take it with him! “


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