Summer baby sleepwear

In summer, avoid dressing your baby too warmly in the evening. When your child’s room temperature is 24°, your baby will wear a short-sleeved bodysuit and a light sleeping bag. Above 26°, we recommend letting him sleep in a short-sleeved bodysuit, without a sleeping bag. After 27°, just keep his diaper on.

When it’s hot and overheated in the nursery, it’s tempting to use air conditioning or a fan. What’s the difference? Fans can be used to circulate air in the room and help create a feeling of freshness. Be careful, however, not to direct the air at your baby or over-ventilate the room. The same applies to air conditioning: don’t direct the air directly at your child. You can keep the room temperature between 24° and 25°.

Winter baby sleepwear

Let’s move on to autumn and winter. When it’s cold and the temperature in your baby’s room drops below 18°, dress your baby in a long-sleeved bodysuit, pyjamas and a thick sleeping bag. From 16° to 17°, add a pair of socks. Below 16°, add a hat and mittens!

How can I tell if my baby is too hot or too cold?

The better you know your baby, the more you’ll notice if he’s at the right temperature. Follow these signs: red cheeks, a little drop of perspiration… Then he’s too hot! Babies also express themselves when they’re unwell. If he cries, there’s something wrong. You can also touch the back of his neck, which works a bit like a thermometer. If your baby is cold, we don’t recommend putting an extra blanket on him. Instead, use an extra layer of clothing, a hat or a thicker sleeping bag. To cool him down, remove a layer of clothing.

\When it comes to baby bed linen, cotton sheets are the best choice. This breathable material keeps your baby cool while absorbing perspiration in summer and winter alike. We have a lovely range of cotton fitted sheets, perfect for matching our baby furniture.

The Charlie Crane team

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