SOS in the delivery room

Fetal distress. I hope you never hear those two words. After a rather idyllic pregnancy, Aliénior had to undergo an emergency Caesarean section. To save her life and that of our baby. All of a sudden, a whole team arrived in the delivery room, like bees in a hive. I was kicked out, “You’re not staying here, sir”. The gynecologist didn’t want the father around. I was left alone with my thoughts. On the other side of the wall, it was war. I was useless and powerless. Today, I risk losing everything. My wife and baby. Panic, fear. And suddenly, a cry. An immense relief. Léon was alive and all would be well. That was it.

Thomas, Léon’s father

Love before first sight

It all began on a Saturday in May. My partner Agathe and I were lying in bed. The window was open, the wind was playing with the curtains, the sun was tickling our noses. At that moment, I knew she would be the mother of my children. I was ready. Agathe was scared. I wasn’t. She’s a great aunt with her nieces, so with her own baby? She’d be great. As for me, I’ve always dreamed of being a father. People talk about men shying away from fatherhood, but I grew up as an only child. Me, I wanted to build my own team, to make noise all the time at home, to build huts under the table, to spend my Saturdays shuttling the little girl to and from soccer club and dance… For months, we tried. Every cycle was a disappointment. After a year, we consulted a doctor. The verdict was in: we had to consider a course of MAP to make our wish come true. IVF was difficult, especially for Agathe. Women put up with so much. I used to give her injections and hold her hand. An easy job. I dreamed of our baby. I already loved him so much. He wasn’t here yet and I was already so excited. So when the test came back positive, what joy! The first ultrasound was magical. And when we heard his heartbeat! I shed a tear. And then the birth… Gabriel arrived and my heart filled with infinite love. Just like in the movies. I marvel at the slightest babble. I could stare at him for hours, this child I’d dreamed of for so long!

Benoît, Gabriel’s father

Love puzzle

I’m already Marcel’s dad. Despite all the love I feel for my son, something, or rather someone, was missing… Another baby. In our situation, having a child with my husband is an obstacle course. I don’t want to talk about how this second miracle came into our lives. But I can tell you about this feeling of fulfillment. The one I feel with Apolline. For the first time in my life, I feel… whole. Not like a skimmed milk carton, but like a milkshake that was missing the cherry, the finishing touch! Meeting Apolline… She put everything in place. The puzzle is complete. With my husband, Marcel and Apolline, I can lift mountains.

Lionel, Marcel and Apolline’s father

Laughing baby, gaga dad

My trigger? One evening, I found myself alone with Adam. His mom was enjoying her first evening out with her girlfriends – her first in 6 months! I’d already done the evening routines, but this time it was different. I don’t know… It was just me and him in the bathroom. It was diapering time before the big sleep. He grabbed my finger, I tickled him and then… he laughed. He laughed at me! All of a sudden, I discovered I had a superpower. I can make my son laugh. And in my head, the phrase “my son” rang out. My son. So here goes. My name is Alexandre and I’m the daddy of the coolest little boy.

Alexandre, Adam’s dad

Little by little, love makes its nest

Rose’s mom and I were never really together. Let’s just say that our butterfly nights gave birth to the most beautiful of flowers, Rose. When Marine told me the news and that she was going to keep the baby, I was lost and angry. Pregnancy is a foggy period. I was still absorbing the news. To flee or not to flee, that was my question for 9 months. I’m ashamed to admit it. The birth came. Crude and concrete. A tiny thing was placed in my arms. Something I was supposed to love at first sight. I quickly passed it to the midwife. I watched her from a distance. On the last day in the maternity ward, a nursery nurse said, “Now it’s Daddy’s turn to change the diaper.” Marine fell silent. Even Rose stopped crying. I held my breath. The nurse showed me what to do. I found myself face to face with Rose, that tiny little thing. That tiny thing… who was also the most beautiful thing in the world. My daughter. I knew that our love would build little by little, but at that very moment, I had become her daddy.

François, Rose’s dad

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