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Author Archives: Alice Doceur

Christmas is coming: Our list of gifts for the whole family!

December 25th is around the corner and if you haven’t yet wrapped up your gifts yet, here is THE list of our best ideas for all the family members. Find all the tips from the Charlie Crane team to make everyone happy. For her  An expectant mother to fill this Christmas? We have several ideas […]

Happy meal : let’s diversify baby!

At what age can we give him solid food? When do we switch to chunks? Sometimes we feel like we have to pass an exam before taking care of our child… and even more so at the time of food diversification. Fortunately, there are some good professionals to guide us. Charlie Crane went to meet […]

Mother’s Day: the real gifts to give

In May, we do what we like. Especially since it’s Mother’s Day month! To give your partner some ideas (hehe), our team has come up with the ultimate list to give her. Ideas to make you REALLY happy. Because remember: you’re only as good as your own efforts.   1) 12-hour nights We’re not going […]