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Decorating inspiration: the gingham trend

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to decorate your (future) baby’s room! Thinking about his little nest, finding the bed that will welcome his first dreams, choosing his little decoration… While you’re waiting for one of the most beautiful encounters of your life (we wish you all the best!), we help you create the perfect cocoon for your baby. Our team shares a timeless inspiration: gingham.

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Developing your child's autonomy: our advice

Welcome to the “do it yourself” stage. Our team will guide you to help your child become independent thanks to our advice… and our furniture!

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Summer and winter babies: how to dress them to sleep at night?

As parents, your baby’s nights and sleep are at the heart of your concerns. The ideal outfit for your baby to sleep well is important. So how should you dress your baby at night, especially when it’s hot or cold? What type of pyjamas and sleeping bag should you choose? We give you all our advice for a good night’s sleep.

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First holidays with baby: our advice

This summer’s vacation will have a new flavor: you’re going away as a family for the first time! As young parents, you’re about to embark on an experience that’s as exciting as it is confusing. So, for your first vacation with your baby, where to go and how? The arrival of a new member of the family will change your habits for the better. Follow our guide!

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City-guide: our top addresses in Barcelona

A weekend in Barcelona with the family is always a good idea. The capital of Catalonia is an architectural gem where life is good. Our editor Sophie has taken to the streets of Barcelona to give you her top tips for a successful stay, in just 48 hours!

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Fashion for kids: 10 brands we love

Charlie Crane has selected for you the most beautiful children’s fashion brands to know!
Decorating is our thing. The other thing we love is fashion for babies. Because an outfit in which we feel good is as important as a beautiful interior that makes us happy. Find our selection of designers to dress your babies well.

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City guide: our best addresses in Nice ☀️

The beautiful days are coming and you want to go away for a weekend with your family! The Charlie Crane team gives you its good plans and its favorite cities to visit. We start our series of city-guide with the pretty city of Nice where Marie, our communication manager, lives. Discover the addresses of this young mother of two children.

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This is not a high chair

You don’t need a magic wand when you have a high chair. Behind its usefulness, this object is an incredible little machine. It helps to grow up and to make memories. Come, we tell you all about it…

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Meditate to find yourself

While pregnancy is over-medicated, we suggest you take time for yourself by practicing meditation. Discover all its benefits.

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Children's bedroom: when to switch to a big bed?

Your baby has grown up and you feel it’s time to say goodbye to the crib. A little heartbreak for you (what’s wrong with my baby?!) and a real milestone for your child, this change marks a milestone. Charlie Crane gives you all his tips and tricks to go from a baby bed to a big boy bed.

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