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Baby Rocker LEVO with Fur Milk cushion

$ 329.00

A must have from birth to 7 months, LEVO rocker fits perfectly with your interior. Its milk fur seat will fit perfectly into your home and underline the timeless design of the LEVO rocker. Its softness will warm your little one’s cocoon.

Its wood conception and design contrast with regular baby furnitures. Its natural rocking follows softly the movements of babies.

A soft LEVO baby rocker in cream fur to welcome winter babies.

The LEVO seat is now adjustable thanks to pressures and allows the harness to be positioned in two different positions. With its new removable harness, the LEVO turns into a nice rocking chair when the child grows up. This way, our rocker adapts to the child’s rhythm, providing more comfort for many years to come.

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