How did the idea of the moses basket first come about? 

This idea had been in our heads for a long time. We have a baby bed, an evolving bed, a crib… What was missing was a bassinet! The first version of the KUKO was in the boxes of Mum and Dad Factory, of which we are the editor. We reworked the design to make it reproducible and removable. We like to combine design and practicality.

What does a Charlie Crane moses basket look like? 

We added handles to carry it. The holder was designed by Gaspard Tiné-Berès, our design department manager, in agreement with Mum & Dad. It seemed important to us to add legs in the shape of a pendulum. A bit like our KUMI crib, the KUKO rocks babies. This millennial movement helps them to have sweet dreams (but not full nights of 8 hours!).

Our signature is also to pay attention to materials and production. Gaspard has taken our favorite material, wood, and given it curved shapes. The wood is a raw beech. The cotton of the bassinet is organic. Our materials are natural, our manufacture is French. We only want good and beautiful things for babies!

Let’s talk about design now… How long does it take from idea to market? 

In total, it takes a little over a year and a half! That’s the time it takes to finalise all the design details. We make many prototypes until we have the perfect product. In addition, baby products have to pass tests to obtain specific standards. The KUKO obviously passes the cradle standards… to which we add our own requirements, such as organic textiles or French manufacture.

The KUKO moses basket joins its friends KUMI, KIMI, NOGA… Where do the Charlie Crane names come from?

We want short names that are easy to remember. We work with a simple system of two syllables consisting of a consonant and a vowel, and so on. Then we make a list of proposals to the team and… we vote! These meetings lead to some intense and funny moments!

What makes KUKO different from other moses baskets? 

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is more comfortable for the baby and safer than a conventional or straw moses basket. The integrated mattress is very thick and comfortable for the baby. The foam is firm, honeycombed and therefore very breathable for babies. . 

If necessary, it can be removed and washed easily. The high edges and the base make it very safe. It combines the advantages of a moses basket that can be moved around as desired and a standing cradle that rocks the child. Two products in one… 

About the KUKO…

  • The KUKO moses basket is removable and suitable for babies from birth to about 4 months.
  • The KUKO will be available in 3 timeless Charlie Crane colours and a print in collaboration with Rose in April!
  • Composition: organic cotton and raw beech wood
  • Dimensions of the assembled moses basket: 73 x 43 x H28 cm
  • Dimensions of the assembled wooden stand: 64 x 58 x H48 cm


We can’t wait to see your baby in his or her KUKO lovely basket. Share your photos with us on Instagram. 



The Charlie Crane Team