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Children’s bedroom: when to switch to a big bed?

Your baby has grown up and you feel it’s time to say goodbye to the crib. A little heartbreak for you (what’s wrong with my baby?!) and a real milestone for your child, this change marks a milestone. Charlie Crane gives you all his tips and tricks to go from a baby bed to a […]

Cocooning time: Charlie’s soft collection 🤍

This season, the trend is for soft and fluffy materials in which we want to wrap ourselves… We dress ourselves – and our interiors – in sheepskin and cotton bouclette. Add a hint of wood to your decor and you’ll get comforting materials that give pride of place to natural color. Fake fur, real warmth […]

Pregnancy and baby: your questions and our answers

Pain when pregnant, baby aches… Parenthood brings its share of questions. We answer the most frequent questions asked by parents with May’s team.   Pregnancy and baby: answers to the questions we ask the most Pain when pregnant, baby aches… During pregnancy and the first years of a child’s life, we have a ton of […]

Baby’s room: 5 decorating ideas

If you’re looking for ambiences to design your baby’s room, our team has spotted five decorating ideas.   Decorating trend n°1 : wallpaper The truth is, wallpaper has never been out of fashion in baby rooms. What is changing is the way it is applied. A few years ago, people were content to put up […]

Valentine’s Day gift: a love letter ❤️

Take some paper and write a love letter to your other half. It’s guaranteed to have an effect, especially during a slump in your relationship. Remember to write this letter before you give birth! A Valentine’s Day gift: a love letter for your other half When a baby is born, it is showered with gifts. […]

How to prepare the arrival of a second child?

A second child will soon join your family and everything is likely to be turned upside down. The big question on your mind is how to prepare yourself and your older child? Find all our advice to make this transition a success.   Before the arrival of the second child: activate the preparation mode!   […]

Charlie Crane furniture for all ages

Getting the right furniture for your baby is essential. You would like to buy a Charlie Crane piece of furniture, but you don’t know which one to buy? Our team offers you a summary of our essentials according to the age of your child.   Childcare furniture to adopt from birth   The LEVO baby […]

10 tips for feeling confident as a parent

Parenting is not an innate ability. But having confidence in yourself and your parenting skills is vital to surviving the roller coaster ride of early and middle childhood. Charlie Crane shares his 10 secrets to self-confidence.   1. You are the only ones who know your child You carried this child, you brought him into […]

I will celebrate Christmas at your place … 🎄

How does Christmas happen in different countries around the world? To find out more about the different Christmas traditions, we went to meet Laura Gonçalves from France and Youngseon Minseon from Korea who told us about their tradition.   Laura Gonçalves, aka Pinketcetera   Charlie Crane: what does Christmas mean to you? Laura: This is […]

Charlie Crane x Louise Misha: the bohemian-inspired collection 🌸

A collaboration that sounds like an evidence… Charlie Crane x Louise Misha. The two designers join universes to invent a line of baby furniture, in limited edition. Marie Pidancet, founder of Louise Misha, and Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie, talk about the history of this collaboration.                    […]