A night under the stars

Set up camp in the garden with a tent, sleeping bags and blankets, and tell stories under the stars. No garden nearby? Migrate to the living room, pile blankets and mattresses on the floor, then watch a documentary on astronomy together.

A picnic

Picnics are a big hit with kids. Pack your bag with bags of chips, a few sandwiches and water bottles, and you’re all set for a family picnic in the park or forest.

Gift vouchers

Create a series of personalized coupons that your kids can redeem for special activities, such as a movie, a cuddle, a reverse dinner (start with dessert and finish with the entrée!), a family outing, an extra helping of bedtime stories, an ice cream or waffle, a trip to the newsagent’s…

A personalized book

Create a personalized book for your child, featuring an adventure in which he or she is the hero. Children love to see themselves in stories, and this can be a very special experience.

A treasure hunt at home

To please the kids, it (sometimes) doesn’t take much (yes, it does!). Organize a treasure hunt at home, with riddles and clues leading to a small treasure or surprise at the end. They’ll remember it for a long time…

A special love playlist

Music soothes the soul and fills the heart… Why not share with your children the songs that evoke special family moments? When you were pregnant, you probably listened to certain melodies that marked those precious moments and lulled your dreams as future parents. Now it’s your children’s turn to listen!
A special family day

Organize a day where you do activities your kids love, like board games, an outing to the park, a home movie session with their favorite films, or even a day trip to a place they love.
You decide…

A little variation on the family day out: today, it’s up to the kids!

Within reason, of course. Give them the choice between two activities to do, two menu ideas and so on… Your children will feel like they’re experiencing extraordinary things.

The Charlie Crane team

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